Recycled images and words

Today’s project is a bit more complicated, but well worth the effort. Please find some stuff (magazines, junk mail, newspaper etc) headed for the recycle bin, glue/tape, scissors and paper. Think about how you are feeling today. Search through this pile of paper and see if any words or images jump out that reflect your current mood. Cut them out and assemble them on your page (using glue or tape) in a collage form. Might appear a bit elementary, but if you check out any Southeby’s catalogs over the past 30 years, you will see that some people have managed to use this medium to convey some serious emotions and earn millions of bucks along the way.  

Yesterday’s project: How do your hands look? Are there more things you are trying to let go or more things you are hanging on to for this coming year? Can you set some more goals based on the results from this project? Do any of the things you wrote match the goals set over the previous week’s art exercises? Are you being completely honest about the things you need to let go of, or are there more that are too difficult to write down, think about or deal with? Sometimes it is good to go back in a few days and look at artwork and reevaluate whether you were being honest with yourself.



Setting goals through art making

The first week in January is an opportune time to set a goal for the coming year. Being realistic about goals is a great way to make sure they will remain with you throughout the year. For an art exercise to explore your goal, we will be writing a letter to ourselves. Please date the letter December 31, 2012. Begin by complimenting yourself on the great job you did completing your goal you set for yourself. Discuss the challenges you overcame and the feelings connected to success and anything else you imagine you might experience in the coming year as you achieve this goal. Once you write this letter, set it aside for a few days, then re-read it and begin your journey toward accomplishing it. Good Luck