Month: October 2020

Kindness as a Radical Act of Freedom. #NovemberLOVEmber

Let’s plan for something RADICALLY different this election day (11/03/2020) in the United States. Can you engage in a random act of kindness for someone in your community? These are complicated times. Your emotions are REAL. Let’s reclaim integrity, one interaction at a time. Let’s make a plan to mitigate negativity in a tiny but powerful way.

You might be feeling a radical range of emotions on November 4th (the day after election day). These emotions are real, and you are entitled to have them, feel them, and process through them. To smooth out your big emotions, can you plan for at least TWO random acts of kindness in your day? Planning ahead, creating concrete goals, and the simple act of doing something (along with the very magnificent opportunity to vote) can be powerful avenues for regaining a sense of control in a country that feels out of control.

Random acts of kindness ideas:

  • Buy someone a cup of coffee.
  • Say hello to a stranger.
  • Call an old friend.
  • Exchange eye contact with someone and wave hello.
  • Thank someone who did something for you (your child’s teacher, mail carrier, garbage collector, delivery person etc.)
  • Write a letter to an old friend
  • Check in (safely) on someone with “pandemic fatigue”
  • Bring your neighbor flowers.
  • Ask a work colleague a personal question.
  • Call a relative
  • Be kind to yourself