How to Use This Blog

Art Therapy is a very powerful and very enlightening form of therapy offered in many settings including: psychiatric hospitals, schools, private practice, prisons, and retirement facilities just to name a few. I am a licensed and trained art therapist and have practiced for many years in a variety of settings and with a wide variety of age groups. Offering art directives in a blog form is a bit risky for many reasons, but mostly that it cannot replace the need for one to seek professional counseling if one falsely feels that they are getting the help they need from this blog.

Although the world of social media offers new and exciting avenues for fields such as art therapy, this blog cannot replace the very important things that take place in a real counseling session including: a counselor’s ability to pick up on body language, nuances, and assessing the need for more in-depth therapy.

My goal in offering these daily directives is to offer readers an opportunity for self exploration and some enlightenment. Although the brief response of the previous day’s art making offer some guidance and insight, this is by no means similar to a full-fledged art therapy session. if you feel that you are in need of counseling, please, please contact a local mental health provider or find someone you love and share with them that you need help. The author of this blog is not responsible for participants who have not followed the above advice to seek help if they are in need.


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