Finding Joy

One of the first posts on this blog requested that readers create a thankfulness list. That directive was done close to the New year, and following vacation time for many people. Now that we are deep into January, please think about how your day has unfolded today, and create a small list observing the things in your day for which you are thankful. Please take a few minutes to think of the seemingly mundane aspects of your day which can be appreciated if viewed from the right angle. Write or draw about these on a paper and tuck it away somewhere.

Yesterday’s Project: Did you think of something you would like to share with your loved ones? This topic of communication is one we will cover extensively over the year, because lack of communication is often the source of most conflict in relationships. How did it feel to write your statement on the page? Did you feel the urge to hide this art or destroy it? Could you share your information with somebody? Is there a fear of disappointment? Could the information you are withholding enhance your relationship, even if it is not something positive? Sometimes honesty is appreciated even when it is painful. It can deepen a relationship and be a relief for the person who has been withholding their feelings.


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  1. I wanted to share with you one constant source of joy for me.. the knowledge that God has a plan. So even when things go awry from my plans I still find I have the confidence to face whatever today brings because I know this. It brings me joy when I stop to think about how I can live in that plan, roll with it, grow with it, relax in it, trust in it – even if I don’t know what it is. I am loved, and God is faithful, that’s all I need to know, and that’s enough. Joy

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