Your Weather Forcast

In keeping with the theme this week of self-reflection and an honest assessment of ourselves, today we will use the metaphor of weather to describe your current mood. Find some paper and drawing materials. Draw a weather pattern that reflects how you currently feel. Would it be a: tornado, storm, sunny day, snow, tsunami, clouds,hurricane etc? Would you make yourself the actual weather or would you place yourself in the environment?

Yesterday’s project: Is your “book” reflective of how you feel these days. Are you content with these emotions, or did you tap into something that needs more attention? Is there a theme? Is there a person with whom you would feel comfortable sharing this art work?


Letting go…Hanging on…

For today’s project, we will continue to set goals and take advantage of a fresh new year. Please find a piece of paper and trace both of your hands. Imagine that one hand represents things you are letting go of, and one hand represents things you want to hang on to this year. Write these things in each hand, and decide if you want to be very specific or broad as you create your list. If you are feeling creative, feel free to add some images, drawings or doodles to each hand which represent things on both of your lists. We will discuss this tomorrow.

Yesterday’s project: What exactly is your relationship to time? Is there anything surrounding your clock that you can do for yourself this week? Can you figure out how much time it will take and put it on your calendar. How do you feel when you do nice things for yourself? Is there any guilt associated with taking care of yourself? Can you curb these negative feelings and truly enjoy the time you are going to carve out for yourself this week?