Tiny Graffiti Wall

Please find a small piece of paper. For today’s art exercise please use your doodling ability to create a mini graffiti wall. Graffiti and doodling share a similar style of being completely free form. Try to fill up your small piece of paper using this free form style, Think of words, shapes, phrases, moods and let yourself go. You might even focus on expressing what took place in the course of your day, or what kind of thoughts and feelings are floating around your head. Don’t worry too much about the final product, just try to enjoy the process!

Yesterday’s project:¬†Were you able to think of mundane things in your mid January life to feel thankful for? Was this list different from the one created several weeks ago? Did creating this list elevate your mood? Sometimes shifting our focus can give us a new perspective on things. That was the simple goal of this exercise.