Tiny Graffiti Wall

Please find a small piece of paper. For today’s art exercise please use your doodling ability to create a mini graffiti wall. Graffiti and doodling share a similar style of being completely free form. Try to fill up your small piece of paper using this free form style, Think of words, shapes, phrases, moods and let yourself go. You might even focus on expressing what took place in the course of your day, or what kind of thoughts and feelings are floating around your head. Don’t worry too much about the final product, just try to enjoy the process!

Yesterday’s project: Were you able to think of mundane things in your mid January life to feel thankful for? Was this list different from the one created several weeks ago? Did creating this list elevate your mood? Sometimes shifting our focus can give us a new perspective on things. That was the simple goal of this exercise.

Your Weather Forcast

In keeping with the theme this week of self-reflection and an honest assessment of ourselves, today we will use the metaphor of weather to describe your current mood. Find some paper and drawing materials. Draw a weather pattern that reflects how you currently feel. Would it be a: tornado, storm, sunny day, snow, tsunami, clouds,hurricane etc? Would you make yourself the actual weather or would you place yourself in the environment?

Yesterday’s project: Is your “book” reflective of how you feel these days. Are you content with these emotions, or did you tap into something that needs more attention? Is there a theme? Is there a person with whom you would feel comfortable sharing this art work?

A Book About Me

For today’s art project, we are going to use the metaphor of a book. Imagine you are going to write a book about yourself and your current situation. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. On the front, write a title of your “book” that represents your current state of things. Is there an image you can draw to represent this title? Now open your “book” and add some chapter titles representing different elements of your life these days. If you are feeling creative, you might want to add some more images inside of the cover, or even add more pages if you are feeling extremely creative.

Yesterday’s project: Last week’s art exercises involved goal setting and a shiny outlook on the new year. This week we are exploring the current state things, and an honest assessment of ourselves. Sometimes this can be a difficult place to visit, but it is often the key for authentic growth. How does your collage “feel?” Did you find the process relaxing? Did you learn anything interesting about yourself by the combination of words and images you chose? Images ( even ones which are cut out of a magazine or paper) can be powerful vehicles for conveying ideas which are hard to vocalize. Did you find a voice for any feelings you were having difficulty expressing before you made your collage?