I Had A Dream…

Can you think of any dreams you have had recently, even last night? Can you draw this dream? When we try to share a dream through speech, it is often quite difficult, due to the limitations of putting elaborate pictures into words. Our dreams often have so many elements to them that a drawing, even a simple one with stick figures and rudimentary forms, can help us make better sense of them. Dream analysis is an activity that spans many cultures and many thousands of years of our collective human history. Keep it simple if this sounds intimidating, by even just writing words for images if you don’t feel comfortable drawing. Sometimes seeing the whole dream on a page can be enlightening.

Yesterday’s project: Did you enjoy creating an Artist Trading Card? Did you find the size enjoyable? Can you identify an emotion connected to the card you created? Did you make more than one, and give one away? Would you make more? Sometimes we need permission to create, and can find a million things to do before we allow ourselves to just sit down and experiment with a new activity. If you found Artist Trading Cards enjoyable, please consider using this medium again!