But I Am Not Creative…

Have you ever told someone that you are not creative? Today we will explore the origins of that message playing in your head. Please find a piece of paper, and ignore the inner critic telling you not to go and find the paper. Find a pencil or pen as well, continuing to ignore that inner critic trying to talk you out of these activities. Draw something, anything, even if it is just a stick person or a doodle. As you draw, listen closely to the messages going through your head….The goal here is to find the source of the negative talk, explore it, then replace it with a more positive message encouraging you to embrace your creativity. This might not be an immediate process, but a stepping stone in a new direction.

Yesterday’s project: How does your tiny graffiti wall feel? Were you able to let go and free form “stuff” onto your page? Did you use more words or images? If you showed it to a friend, could they learn more about you? Did it convey any emotions? Did you find the process engaging and enjoyable?

Artist Trading Cards

For today’s art directive, we will create an artist trading card. This is simply a 2.5×3.5 inch card (similar to the size of a playing card), decorated anyway you please. Artist Trading Cards are a phenomenon that has swept the world over the past decade, originating in Europe. The only rule connected to them is that they are not meant to be sold, only traded or given away. The charm and widespread interest in ATC’s are due to their diminutive size which is small enough not elicit any anxiety over one’s creative abilities. Artist Trading Cards can be executed using virtually any medium including: pencil, paint, collage, thread, fabric, stencils, words, photos, etc. Please find some card stock weight paper or heavier, cut it down to 2.5 to 3.5 inches and let your creative spirit soar. Feeling creative? Make a few and give one to someone special in your life.

Yesterday’s project: What is the most significant object in your family portrait? Please observe how you drew each member on the page. Are they close together or far apart? Is anyone dominating the scene?Is anyone not getting enough attention? Is there harmony between the objects/symbols? What is the mood of the dialogue? We can’t change others, but can you change the dynamics by the information you are sharing with these people. Is there someone in your family who needs more attention? Is there a way to be more honest with members of your family? Many times, the simple act of opening up lines of communication can be a very powerful thing. Can you show your picture to anyone in your family?