Artist Trading Card Wall for your Home

 Artist Trading Card. This is simply a 2.5×3.5 inch card (similar to the size of a playing card), decorated anyway you please. Artist Trading Cards are a phenomenon that has swept the world over the past decade, originating in Europe. The only rule connected to them is that they are not meant to be bought or sold, only traded or given away. The charm and widespread interest in ATC’s are due to their diminutive size which is small enough not elicit any anxiety over one’s creative abilities. Artist Trading Cards can be executed using virtually any medium including: pencil, paint, collage, thread, fabric, stencils, words, photos, etc. Please find some card stock weight paper or heavier, cut it down to 2.5 to 3.5 inches and let your creative spirit soar. Feeling creative? Make a few and give one to someone special in your life.

We like them so much, we have turned a wall in our bathroom into a small gallery. We set up a station with a little rolling cart to give guests who are using our facilities an opportunity to be creative. The cart includes: 2.5×3.5 cards, magazine pictures, magazine words, stickers, markers, glue stick, goggly eyes, and scrapbook removable dots to hang them up. This has made our bathroom a gathering place of sorts.



  1. I love ATC’s. When I made my first one I was very intimidated by the size as I was used to working so large. I make them a lot with my students, it’s a great way to expose them to mixed media, the only problem is that they are dangerous…once you start, you can’t stop. 🙂

    1. Thanks! We really can’t stop. I tried these in a gallery setting at a swank gallery here as an interactive art installation, and they were a huge hit with art patrons over the course of the month. Now that we have them in our home, we keep making more everyday. If you can see closely in the image, the ones close to the bottom of the wall were made by toddlers. The higher up our wall, the older the person.

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