Social Risk Taking

It is very easy to get “stuck” in our daily routine. As we grow fond of social media sites as a form of socializing, social isolation is a growing trend. Today for an art exercise, we will explore this theme. Find a piece of paper, draw a grid with four to six boxes resembling a comic strip. Using stick figures if you are not feeling artistically ambitious, think of  a social interaction you would like to have but have, but haven’t mustered up the strength due to our reliance on what is comfortable. This might be simply saying hello to someone in a coffee shop, engaging in a conversation with a co-worker, sharing honest feelings with a loved one, etc. Draw how you would like the conversation to go using word balloons for your stick figures. Once drawn, can you take this risk in your day to make that social connection real? Good Luck!

Yesterday’s project: Were you able to think of someone to forgive? Often carrying anger around can be detrimental to our mental health and a huge waste of energy. Forgiving a person essentially releases us from their power or control they have over us. This simple act can be a huge challenge, but in the end quite liberating. By holding on to the anger and resentment, this person whom you are angry at has power over you. Most likely that connection to this person is painful and letting go of the feelings will allow you to grow and move on.


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