Letting Go of Something Negative

Do you have some extra baggage floating around? This week we began exploring our inner critic. Today we will continue to investigate parts of ourselves that we need to say goodbye to through a letter writing technique. Please think of something you need to let go of such as: a bad habit, negative attitude, addiction, inner critic, anger, a grudge, etc. Find some paper and a pen and begin your letter as, “Dear—-“filling in the blank with this particular thing you are letting go of. Say why it is time to say goodbye and discuss how your life will be improved without its presence. Say goodbye and wish it well. Ask yourself if you are controlling this or is this thing controlling you? How will your life improve without it. This type of exercise could hit home of something very profound in your life and again cross the line of where a limited blog such as this  cannot be effective if you are in need of more help. If this stirs up some serious emotions, please share your information with a loved one or seek help from a local  mental health provider.

Yesterday’s project: This was a challenging one. Where you able to “let go” and draw the rhythm of the beat? Congratulate yourself for trying, because an exercise such as this flies in the face of conventional and predictable drawing. Was this a relaxing activity or too stressful because it involved an improvisational element?


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