Mandala Drawing

For today’s art exercise, I will give you very little instruction, but only ask that you draw a large circle on a piece of paper and fill it in. It might filled with just color, just words, just images or something simple. Please don’t think to hard or get caught up in the word “Mandala” as you create your art for today.

Yesterday’s Project: Were you able to recall any dreams? Were you able to put it on paper in the form of an image? Sometimes putting it aside for a few days and then going back to it might be enlightening. Sometimes our dreams might be trying to tell us something that we are neglecting in our lives or it might be a way of for our brain to  process events that took place in the days leading up to your particular dream. This dream interpretation is a topic that definitely deserves more than a paragraph of attention. If you feel like this topic needs to be explored further, please continue to investigate through your own drawings and/or sharing your thoughts with people whom you trust.


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