Not Enough Time?

Nobody has time anymore for anything, myself included. 2012 will most likely fly by, and as we are trying to fulfill our goals or just get by, the real question is: Are You Making TIME for yourself? For today’s art therapy exercise, please draw an image of a clock, the old kind with a face, hands and numbers. Give your clock a title with a name that represents your connection to time, in terms of how busy, punctual, satisfied, overextended, under extended etc. that you are with time.  Write some words around the clock of things that you like to do for yourself, and maybe how much time each of these activities take. We will check back in tomorrow to complete the exercise.

Yesterday’s Drawing: Where are you on the bridge? Is it sturdy or dangerous to cross? What is underneath? What are you leaving behind and what are your trying to get to on the other side of the bridge? Can you think of any tools to help you make this journey across the bridge, or to aid you should you fall off? Is there anything you need to do to strengthen your bridge? Can you connect this drawing to your life?


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