Drawing a Bridge

Today we will stick with the theme of goal setting, to celebrate a new year and new opportunities. Please find some paper and a pen, pencil or more elaborate art supplies if you are in the mood. Draw a bridge. Please place yourself on the bridge and draw what is above and below it. Please don’t be concerned if your art skills are not up to par. Art exploration can be an extremely powerful with simple drawings and stick figures. Really. Please check back tomorrow to find some questions to help process this drawing.

Yesterday’s project: Did you enjoy writing the letter to yourself? The idea of setting a goal working backwards, might help you visualize that you can accomplish what imagined for yourself in your letter. Can you set a goal with the information you wrote? Can you set a goal and do something in the next week to work in this direction. Can you set a time-table for yourself to help accomplish this goal? Pat yourself on the back for trying!


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